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Benefits of Kabaddi

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Kabaddi & Community Cohesion

Kabaddi is an effective tool in encouraging integration
between different communities, a principal outlined by
the Home office report Community Cohesion: A report
of the independent team chaired by Ted Cante which
says “Programmes must be devised, to promote
contact and understanding between and within, the
black and ethnic minorities, and the white community and faiths.” The report also goes on to say “We
believe that there is an urgent need to promote
community cohesion, based upon a greater
knowledge of, contact between, and respect for, the
various cultures that now make Great Britain such a
rich and diverse nation”.
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This has been particularly successful in recent work
that has been undertaken by the Southampton
Kabaddi Association with the Splash Extra, Behaviour
Improvement Programme, Connexions Yr11 and
Uproject and Positive Activities for young people
projects in Slough.


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