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Benefits of Kabaddi

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Kabaddi & Social Inclusion

This is done by using the popularity of Kabaddi as a
means of diverting young people from self-destructive
and anti-social behaviour and thus providing
opportunities for young people to engage in positive
activities, focussing on participation, social and
personal development and enjoyment rather than purely
on Kabaddi skill or ability.

Tackling youth disaffection, increasing the skills and
confidence of adult volunteers and building community
relations are at the heart our work: A method seen by
The Cabinet PAT 8 report, as good practice on
preventing anti-social behaviour and promoting

Embedding local control one of the major benefits of
participating in cultural or sporting activity is the
opportunity to build local organisational skills and
capacity. Community-based sports and arts projects
can be managed centrally, but they will tend to have
less impact and be less sustainable, as well as finding it
harder to secure people’s commitment. A model, which
offers control by those who are involved, albeit in
partnership with funding agencies, local authorities and
other stakeholders, is likely to have much deeper
impact on those involved and the wider community.

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