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Kabaddi full contact rules (SKA version)

The core idea of the game is to score points by raiding into the opponent’s court and touching as many defence players as possible without getting caught on a single breath. The players on the defensive side are called “Antis” while the player of the offence is called the “Raider”. The attack in Kabaddi is known as a ‘Raid’. The antis touched by the raider during the attack are declared ‘out’ if they do not succeed in catching the raider before he returns to home court. These players can resume play only when their side scores points against the opposite side during their raiding turn or if the remaining players succeed in catching the opponent’s raider. Kabaddi Tag.

The playing area is similar to a badminton court; the area is 12.50 x 10 metres and is divided in half by a mid line. A Baulk line shall be drawn in each half, through the entire width of the court with a distance of 3.75 metres from the mid line. Each side shall consist of 12 players. Seven players shall take the ground at a time and the remaining five players will act as substitutes.

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