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The Active Communities Development Fund Southampton

  • The project will increase and sustain lifelong
    participation in kabaddi and improve the level
    and quality of delivery through a variety of
    coaching schemes and the development of
    coach education coaching programmes.
  • The project will increase participation in sport
    by BME communities, women and girls and
    people with disabilities.
  • The project will ensure that the sport of kabaddi
    will play an important role in providing
    opportunities for young people to ‘bridge the
    gap between school and community’.
  • The project will use participation in kabaddi as
    means to improve health, promote social inclusion
    and promote community cohesion.

To date the Southampton ACDF have delivered Kabaddi
sessions as part of the curriculum at Secondary, Junior
and Primary Schools in Southampton, after school clubs
and school Inset days. The ACDF project has also
delivered a number of kabaddi awareness workshops for
a variety of organisations including the Southampton
Institute, Newtown Adventure Playground and the
Southampton Mini Youth Games.



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