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Slough BIP and PAYP

The ward of Chalvey in Slough was put on High
alert in the summer of 2002. The main tension
in the ward was attributed to groups of Romanian
Newcomers and local Pakistani Youth. The tension
was also fuelled by local media reports which
reported growing anger and discontent between the
groups. The Southampton Kabaddi Association was
asked to work with the local youth workers in
delivering a kabaddi programme focussed on
community cohesion and end encouraged

The project included a full programme on kabaddi
coaching. Although kabaddi was a major part of the
programme it was however a vehicle through which
community cohesion was delivered.

Kabaddi has been used part of the Positive Activities
for Young People (PAPY) programme in slough, the
activity was part of an overall programme looking at
Giving young people opportunities for personal
development including the development of
self-discipline, self-respect and self-confidence
enabling them to communicate more affectively
with a range of people and work effectively in a team.



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