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Southampton Sports leadership Programme

There have been a number of incidents of racial
tension in the Newtown Nichols town are of
Southampton involving young people. The project
will target young people and engage them in sport
and through sports develop leadership, cohesive
communities, raise awareness of drug abuse and
address anti social behaviour.

Once engaged the young people will participate in
a programme of sports. Secondly participants will
be encouraged to take part in sports leadership
and community leadership training. Thirdly
participants will take part in conflict resolution
programmes. Fourthly, participants will use their
newly obtained skills to develop their communities.

The process will be supported through a mentoring
programme. The mentoring programme will support
participants with individual mentors. The project will
help young people learn about themselves, others
and society, through a programme of activities which
combine enjoyment, challenge and learning. The
project will work with young people to promote their
personal and social development and enable them
to have a voice, influence and place in their
communities and society as a whole.



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