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Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation

The Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation was formed in
the year 1978, during the silver jubilee celebrations
of National Kabaddi Championships in India, organized
at Bhilai, Madhya Pradesh. The first Asian Championship
in Kabaddi was organized in Calcutta, in the year 1980.
A goodwill tour was organized in the year 1981, in which
the Indian men & women teams visited Thailand, Japan
and Malaysia to play exhibition Kabaddi matches.

Kabaddi in Asian Games

Kabaddi was included as a demonstration game in the
IX Asian Games hosted by India in the year 1982. In
the year 1984, an open Inter- National tournament
was organized at Bombay (now renamed Mumbai), in
India. During the Tri-Centenary celebrations of the
city of Calcutta, an Inter-National Invitation Kabaddi
Tournament was organized in the city. Kabaddi was
included in South Asian federation Games at Dhaka,
Bangladesh in1985 & in 1988 the 2nd Asian Kabaddi
Championship was conducted at Jaipur. In the XI
Asian Games held in the year 1990 at Beijing, China,
Kabaddi was included in the main disciplines. This was
a major landmark in the history of Kabaddi. India won
the Gold Medal, which was a proud and unforgettable
moment for Kabaddi lovers who had strived to bring
Kabaddi to the Asian platform. NIKE International
Kabaddi Gold cup tournament started especially for
women in 1995.

Kabaddi Playing Countries

After the XI Asian Games, 1990, Kabaddi has been
regularly featuring in the Asian Games as a main
discipline. To date, the game is very popular in Japan,
Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Maldives,
Bhutan, Iran, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and
Bangladesh and is making appreciable progress in the
West Indies, France and Canada.

Major International Tournaments

  • South Asian Federation gamesGAMES
  • Junior Asian Championship
  • Nike Iinternational Championship [Women]
  • Asian Games
  • South East Asian Games
  • Asian Women Championship
  • World Cup[To be held shortly, in India]



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