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Benefits of Kabaddi

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Kabaddi & Community Safety

The causes of crime and disaffection among young
people are complex and multidimensional. It would
be naive to think, and unrealistic to claim, that sport
alone can reduce the levels of youth crime in society.
However, over the last 15 years or so, ‘sports, outdoor
pursuits and constructive leisure activities have become
a well-established feature of initiatives whose aim is to
divert offenders and young people at risk away from
crime’. (Best Value through sport: Sport England).

Indirectly, Kabaddi can have an impact by providing
challenge and adventure, and by giving meaning and
a sense of purpose to young people’s lives where
previously there was a vacuum. Kabaddi delivered in
a sound ethical framework can engender self-respect,
self-esteem, confidence and leadership abilities.



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